Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Black & White Magazine Excellence Award Winner

A little over a week ago I received a brief email from Black & White Magazine informing me that my work was chosen for an Excellence Award for their 2009 Portfolio Contest. Only 15 winners are chosen out of 837 entries, I have to admit I was floored. To be honest I had nearly forgotten about the contest and thought I had been passed over yet again which made the email and my subsequent reaction (I was literally jumping around my apartment and squealing like a little girl) so thrilling. I only wish I knew which photos they will print and I hope I get a Portfolio Spotlight in a future issue.

Special Issue #68 will be out the first week of June. I'm thinking about throwing a little party in early June to celebrate.

"Kira's Back" was one of the many photos submitted and regardless of whether it's printed or not is one of my favorites, all of the photos are on my Photoshelter site.

Oh, and a big thanks to Paolo Mastrangelo for helping me edit the portfolios.

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