Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I really wish Jörg Colberg would allow comments on his blog

Maybe I should have asked him why he doesn't while I was at the "Blogging in the Photography Community" panel at NYPH '09. Maybe I should have just said something to him period but to be honest I've only recently began reading Conscientious and I don't really know much about him or his view yet but after reading his review of the NYPH 09 exhibits this morning I get the feeling we think very much alike.

This morning he posted a long and truthful critique of the exhibits at the 2009 New York Photo Festival and I think everything he said was spot on. In fact, over the weekend I posted a comment on Heather Morton's site about how disappointed I was with the festival and I was asked by Ronit Novak to elaborate on what I thought was wrong with this year's festival. In an effort to avoid posting a five paragraph comment on HMAB I carefully whittled down my observations into a few fine points, focusing in on William Ewing's selections but if I had written out my entire thoughts they would be very much the same as Jorg's.

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