Saturday, March 14, 2009

I suck at photoshop

While working on my latest composite I was curious to see if there were any new techniques for creating believable drop shadows, especially when there are cross shadows and complex angles. Nope, there isn't, in fact I'm going to let all you newbs in on a secret, PS hasn't changed much since version 5.5, sure, they added a few cool new filters and adjustment tools but the majority of features that any seasoned photochopper uses has been there for ten years or more. So, next time Adobe comes out with a shiny new version go buy yourself a new lens instead.

During my search I came across the seamingly popular You Suck at Photoshop series by Donnie Hoyle on You Tube. At first I was like, is this dude drunk casting with photoshop, what's with all the attitude and self pity but after going back to the early episodes (i started at the next to last episode) I realized this is his schtick. Personally i could have done well without the side story but aside from that these are some good tutorials on basic photoshop techniques.

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