Friday, March 13, 2009


Upstate in Saugerties, NY there is an amazing piece of sculpture named Opus 40, a former quarry turned into an immense construction of finely fitted stone created over 37 years by Harvey Fite. It is truly unlike anything else in the world and I highly reccomend visiting. The huge monlith in the center brings to mind thoughts of ancient pagan ceremonies but this is a contemporary work.

About two years ago I visited opus 40 for the first time and I shot about two rolls of film. As I was walking around I kept thinking it would be a great location for a photoshoot, they allow weddings on the site and there is lodging available as well so I can't imagine they would be adverse for a small fee. I could probably do some discreet shooting with one model using natural light and fill flash but I'd really love to play up that pagan feel with a real spectacle.

So until I can find the time to do either I will be content with this photoshop composition.

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