Monday, February 23, 2009

Free Slide Show Contest at Palm Springs Photo Festival

I can't make it out to the Palm Springs Photo Festival this year but I still have a chance of getting some exposure from 2,693 miles away and it's free! I even checked around for any fine print to see if they will own my images or soul but I couldn't find any language of the sort. It's pretty simple send them a slideshow, less than three minutes with music and they will choose four finalists a night to present on a large screen at The Palm Springs Art Museum. If you can't make a slide show, just send them a folder of images and some music and they will make one for you, you can even FTP the files to them! Each night a winner will be chosen from the four presented and a Grand Prize winner will be chosen and win a CANON Professional Pixma Printer among other goodies. Check out the contest details here.

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