Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Umm, this is awkward, but would you mind...

Over at my second favorite photography blog, aphotoeditor.com, sorry, Amy Stein's blog is still my favorite, there is an infuriating post about how Getty is bullying photographers into paying back an accounting oversight after they took over Mediavast. This is very similar to Microsoft's latest ploy of asking laid off employees to repay overpaid severance packages. I can't tell which is worse, asking photographers to pay back royalties that they would have earned outright had Getty not bought out Mediavast or employees, unexpectedly laid off and facing one of the worse employment markets in decades, being asked to repay a multi-bilion dollar corporation. Why can't either one of these companies suck it up, they made the blunder, are they that hard up? Getty either really needs to hire better proof readers or they really need to squeeze that extra 10% out of their contributors.

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