Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The upward energy

This past Sunday I took part in a really cool happening at the MoMa. Hundreds of people gathered in the Atrium where Pipilotti Rist's Pour Your Body Out was installed to take a yoga class. It was really amazing to be in a chair pose and see all these hands in the air while the mesmerizing video was playing on the walls. At times I really wish I had brought a camera with me or at the very least kept my iPhone with me during the class but I'm really happy not to have distracted myself from being in the moment.

The class was led by Elena Brower from Virayoga and she spoke before the class of the upward energy of the city. I could really relate to what she was saying and I feel that upward energy is represented by the smoke and fabrics in my new series. As the weather begins to warm up I hope to take the series outside—I just need to figure out how to suspend the fabric. Maybe I can harness that upward energy.

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